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Introducing the SIREN

Introducing the newest masterpiece to our canon of kava elixirs; The Siren! According to the legend of Odysseus, the Sirens resided on a small island and would sing whenever ships sailed near. So beautiful and captivating was their song that the sailors who heard it were drawn toward the jagged rocks surrounding the island where they met their demise. Ours is not so treacherous.

What makes the Siren so special? It’s a careful blend of Kava, Fresh Coconut Creme, Tropical Juices and Malaysian extract will entice you to the shore again and again, On the rocks or straight up you’ll certainly feel it.

The next time you visit Kapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers, be sure to tell your kava tender, I Need a Siren! You will not be disappointed. Bula!

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