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Four Years of Love and Appreciation

Where does the time go? July 2021 marks the four year Anniversary of Kapua Kava Bar. We have a ton of great surprises and specials planned for the month and can’t wait to reveal them all so stay tuned to our social media pages for the coming details.

In some ways it feels like just yesterday that Kapua Kava Bar became a reality and in others it feels like it has always been here. Like any other business these past four years have had plenty of challenges, but perseverance, hard work, a great staff and our wonderful Kapua family of guests has made it all worthwhile.

When we designed Kapua Kava Bar we decided that we would only serve the highest quality kava and kratom teas. So many of our guests have told us over the years that we truly have the best teas in SW Florida. Many people don’t realize that we spent almost an entire year leading up to opening testing and trying different products, recipes and processes to get it just right. By “Just Right” we mean something we would want to drink and enjoy ourselves. Rhonda worked on the kava and I (Rob) tackled the kratom teas.

Sourcing these products presents it’s own challenge. Finding reliable vendors who could consistently deliver the highest quality root and leaves was a very difficult task. Sometimes it is hard to remember that both Kava and Kratom come from very remote places with little or no infrastructure. These aren’t products that are always readily available and can easily vary in quality and consistency.

Once we found the right mix of source and recipe we kept both closely guarded. That’s not to say there have been many who have tried and in some cases succeeded to gaining access to our sources and recipes. For anyone who has put in the thousands of hours it takes to start and maintain a successful business, they can understand how important it is to protect what you have created. We have and will continue to closely guard our beloved Kapua Kava Bar under any and all circumstances. We not only do it for ourselves, we also do it for our guests. We all deserve to have a singular unique place to enjoy our favorite herbal beverages.

So four years has come and gone and we are looking forward to everything the future may bring, including the challenges that strengthen our resolve to provide the best possible teas anyone has ever had. We are excited to mark our four year anniversary with a Full Blown BULA-Bration throughout the month of July 2021 and we hope to see all of our Kapua family along with many “New Faces” to help us ring it in in true Kapua style.

We thank you all for for your continued support and we look forward to having you with us along this incredible journey.

Peace Rob & Rhonda Fontano

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