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Enjoy Our Kapua Kava at Home

Now you can enjoy Kapua Kava at home. The best part about making kava at home is the "Zen" feeling you get while massaging this magical root with your own hands, and seeing it

darken to its rich earthy tones while releasing the soothing kavalactones from within.

Our prepackaged kava pouches contain the same superior ground root that we import and

serve at Kapua Kava Bar every day.

Our most popular roots include our Vanuatu "Black Sand", Tongan Ceremonial Blend from the Kings Estate and our very popular "House Blend" created specifically for Kapua Kava Bar as a fifty-fifty combination of Lateral and Basil roots from the islands of Vanuatu and Fiji.

Each package contains 100 Grams of rough-cut ground root kava kava and can be purchased only at Kapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers, Florida.

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