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Cheap Kratom; Is It Worth the Risk?

nd online retailers. Word of mouth and media attention, (driven largely by the DEA’s attempt to make it a Schedule 1 Drug in 2016) have raised awareness of this amazing plant and have brought it to attention of hundreds of thousands of Americans, many who regularly use kratom for things like pain management, anxiety, energy, focus and as an aid to help them quit and withdraw from opiates.

Along with Kratom’s rise in popularity the availability of kratom has also become more wide spread. Kratom companies have grown from a just a handful into the thousands in just the past few years. Consumers now have a dizzying amount of kratom suppliers to choose from. Since the competition has grown, kratom suppliers have begun to come up with creative colorful packaging to catch the consumers attention and have cut prices to remain competitive.

This wide availability and lower costs could seem like a huge win for kratom users, but without looking more closely at from where and from whom you buy your kratom you could be putting your own health at risk.

For starters; let’s look at packaging. The kratom community at large as well as the American Kratom Association have taken a strong position against kratom companies that resort to bright colorful child like packaging as well as product names that are designed to create a spectacular, over the top brand. These companies are being watched carefully and are under constant scrutiny because they pose a large threat to the legitimacy of kratom as a plant with medicinal value.

As for cost, the price of kratom varies from brand to brand and there are certainly “cheap” ways to buy kratom compared to some of the larger more established kratom suppliers, but what are you giving up by buying from the cheaper supplier? The most common way to keep the price of kratom low is by skipping over the “Testing Process”. Let’s not forget, kratom comes from a third world country. The sanitary conditions there are not regulated and they do not test kratom for export. It is solely on the shoulders of the American “Importer” to make sure that the kratom they are distributing is free of toxins, metals, insects, ecoli, etc.

The best kratom is kratom that is tested and packaged in a sterile lab environment. Many online kratom sellers simply import the kratom to their home or warehouse, weigh and bag it there. Some don’t even bother with labels. Of course it’s cheaper, but is it really something that you want to put into your body? We must also look at which companies are doing their part to help keep kratom legal. (This applies to smoke shops and convenience stores as well) If they are selling their kratom so cheaply that they are most likely NOT testing it, are they also neglecting to donate monies to the American Kratom Association? This organization is almost single handedly responsible for fighting back against the DEA, local and state governments and keeping kratom for the most part legal throughout the country.

We have been a part of the kratom community for going on seven years and have been able to closely examine suppliers and their methods of production and packaging. We take our kratom seriously, because we want our customers to be assured that they are getting the very best kratom that is available. Our kratom suppliers regularly visit their kratom farms and monitor the quality of the leaves and make sure that the “Strain” of kratom they are selling is accurate.

Here are some things that you can do to insure you are getting the very best and most pure kratom available.

Ask your Kratom supplier: What are your companies purity standards and how do you insure them? How do you ensure that your strains and origins are accurate? What measures do you take to support the fight to keep kratom legal and which kratom support groups do you regularly donate funds to?

We hope that you find this information helpful. Our wish is that all who use kratom only use the best and most safe products available. Stop by Kapua Kava Bar or Cirrus Smoke Shop to learn more. If you have more kratom questions, we have the answers.

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