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                             Kava Kava

Choose from Solomon Island & Vanuatu’s
Finest Noble Root Kava Kava

Single – $4 (4oz.)            
Double – $7 (8oz.)
Monsoon – $12 (16oz.)          
Tonoa Bowl – $24  (32oz.)

Add a 40% Kavalactone Extract Boost
Boosted Single – $6

Boosted Double- $10
Monsoon – $16
Tonoa Boosted Bowl – $28    

Add a “Lift”  $3
Enhance your kava experience with Kava Lift. Goji Flavored Kava Extract Blended with Natural Adaptogens.

Add a Hemp Extract Shot (10mg) $2

CBD Honey Sticks 15mg – Perfect Addition to Your Kava $4
Local Florida Honey Infused with Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids

                            Kava Elixirs

Kamoho (The Shark God) $10
Double Boosted Kava, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Sweet Cream.

The SIREN $10
A careful blend of Kava, Fresh Coconut Creme, Tropical Juices and Malaysian extract. On the rocks or straight up you’ll certainly feel it. (Not for Beginners)

Mother Bula $10
Double Boosted Kava, Draft Mother Kombucha, Tropical Kava Boost, Shaken over Ice.

Kava “POP” $8
Potent 40% Kava Extract Blended with Strawberry or Raspberry Flavors and Fizzy Soda. DELISH!

Kava Colada $8
Double Kava blended with Creamy Pineapple and Coconut.

Planet Blue $8
Double Kava blended with Creamy Blueberry and Pomegranate

Creamy Graham Cracker and Toasted Marshmallow. The delicious taste of fall in a glass. 

Boosted Kava with Gold Reserve Kratom Extract
(Not for Beginners)

Cloud 9 Kava Elixir $12
Potent Boosted Kava Infused with Tropical Juices and Exotic Extracts. (Not for Beginners)

Kava Extract Shot $2

Add a Flavor Shot .25
Agave, Strawberry, Raspberry, Caramel, Coconut, Mango, Vanilla, Green Apple, Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice

Kratom Teas
Prepared with a Hint of Cinnamon and Citrus Potentiators.

Bali White Lightn’
Energy and Focus
8oz. $8      16oz. $14

Indo Green Dragon
Anxiety, Pain Relief
8oz. $8      16oz. $14

Borneo Red Dawn
Relaxation and Pain Relief
8oz. $8       16oz. $14

Add a Hemp Extract Shot (10mg) $2

Blood Orange Green – Borneo Green Vein Kratom Infused with Blood Orange, Hibiscus Flower and Rose Hips

“Berry” White – Hulu Kapuas White Vein infused with Blueberries, Apple, Hibiscus Flower and Rose Hip

Strawberry Red – Borneo Red Vein Kratom infused with Stawberry, Raspberry Leaves, Apple, Hibiscus and Rose Hip. 

Kratom Elixirs

Guava Momma  $10
Green Vein Kratom Tea Blended with Fresh Guava Juice and Kava “Lift” Extract. The most delicious mood elevation you’ve ever tasted.

Disco Lemonade   $10
8oz. Bali White with Red Bull and Citrus

Borneo Sunset $10
8oz. Borneo Red with Kava Boost and Tropical Juices

Maeng-o Tango $12
8oz. Maeng Da Kratom Tea with Gold Reserve Extract Boost, Mango & Citrus. (Not for Beginners)

Rip Tide $12
A potent blend of Kratom strains, extracts, herbal teas and tropical fruits. (Not For Beginners) 

Herbal Teas

CBD Honey Sticks 15mg – Perfect Addition to Your Tea $4
Local Florida Honey Infused with Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids

CBD Infused Hibiscus Berry 15mg $5
15 mg Full Spectrum CBD, Sweet flavor of tart berries with floral and citrus tones

Adagio Mango Tea   $3
Mango Tea combines the taste of Ceylon tea with the flavor of perfectly ripened mangoes.

Adagio Green Rooibos (Roy-Bus) Bonita   $4
This summer fruit inspired blend of green rooibos with peaches, strawberries and citrus is juicy, nectar-like and refreshing and naturally caffeine-free.

Berry Blast
Blend of natural fruits and spices. Caffeine Free

Adagio Masala Chai   $4
Premium Ceylon black tea with a unique blend of spices; cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.

Adagio Wild Strawberry $4
A delicious blend of natural fruits and spices that brews up a mouthwatering cup of herbal tea. All natural, emanating from apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, and strawberries. Caffeine free.

Mother Kombucha   “On Draft” – St. Pete, FL     $5.50
Lavender Mojito
Jasmine Flower
Turmeric Ginger Lemonade
Blue Rose
Draft Selection
Growler 32oz. – 
$14 / $11 Re-Fills

Red Bull $3
Red Bull (Sugar Free)   $3

Fiji Water   $2.50


Fresh Kava Brownies $4.50
Freshly made Ghirardelli Brownies infused with Kava 

Kava Chocolate $5
Organic Chocolate Bars Infused with Kava and Natural Flavors

Kratom Chocolate $5
Organic Chocolate Bars Infused with Kratom and Natural Flavors

CBD Chocolate $5
Organic Chocolate Bars Infused with 20mg CBD and Natural Flavors


Take home a Growler of our Kava, Kratom Teas, Cold Brew Coffee or Kombucha. 

Kava 32oz  Growler $25 / $22 Re-Fills
Boosted Kava 32oz  Growler $30 / $27 Re-Fills
Kratom Tea 
32oz  Growler $30 / $27 Re-Fills
Jimmy’s Java $13 / $10 Re-Fills
Mother Kombucha $14 / $11 Re-Fills


*No products are meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any illness. If you are taking medications, consult a doctor before taking any herbs.

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