Kratom Strains

Kratom StrainsKapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers, FL offers the highest quality kratom available. Every strain of kratom is processed in an FDA approved lab and tested for purity.

We feature kratom strains from throughout Indonesia, each with their own singular potency and effectiveness.

Our Kratom is available in powder or capsule form in sizes ranging from 10 gram, 30 gram, 60 gram and 250 gram. Kilo’s and larger quantities are available upon request.

Green Vein Kratom
Dayak Green Vein (West Borneo)
Green Viet Nam
Hulu Kapua Green Vein (Kapua River Region)

White Vein Kratom
Bali White Vein (Bali)
Hulu Kapua White (Kapua River Region)
Indo White

Red Vein Kratom
Kaya Red Vein (Borneo)
Bali Red Vein (Bali)
Supreme Thai Red Vein (Thailand)
Hulu Kapuas Red

Maeng Da Kratom Blends
Malaysian Primal Red and White Vein Blend (Malaysia)
Kaya Red and White Vein Blend (Borneo)
Superior Maeng Da Thai Green and White Vein Blend (Thailand)

O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Extract
O.P.M.S. Gold Extract 2 ct. Capsules
O.P.M.S. Gold Extract 3 ct. Capsules
O.P.M.S. Gold Extract 5 ct. Capsules
O.P.M.S. Gold Extract Liquid 8ML