Rare Tongan Kava Now at Kapua Kava

Kapua Kava Tongan Lateral Root Kava

At Kapua Kava Bar, we pride ourselves on carrying the absolute best quality cultivars of Kava in the United States. That is why we have procured one of the world’s rarest cultivars of Tongan Kava, which was grown on the King of Tonga, Tupou VI’s, personal estate in volcanic soil.

This select cultivar is in incredibly limited supply and that’s why you need to visit Kapua Kava in Fort Myers today. You can find us at 12951 Metro Parkway Suite 15 in Fort Myers, so come on down and experience the incredible effects of kava in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

What is Kava?

Kava is a natural plant grown in the Pacific Islands and has been traditionally used in indigenous cultures throughout the Pacific. While each culture and group of people have their own rituals and uses of Kava, it is most commonly used as a social tool to bring people together as one.

The highly desirable kava varieties that have been traditionally consumed on a daily basis are known as “Noble” Kava. Noble Kava is harvested from roots that are a minimum of five years old and can only be exported by cultivars who have been authorized by the Vanuatu government. Cultivars work in accordance with the “Kava Act 2002” in order to protect the country’s kava’s reputation due to its regulated quality and purity.

Prior to the government’s strict involvement in kava agriculture, the most common kava export was known as “Tudei” or “Two-Day”. Tudei kava is wildly grown and is unregulated for quality or purity. Tudei kava tends to have much stronger effects but is known to cause nausea, kava hangovers and other unpleasant side effects. It is noteworthy to mention that farmers and natives usually don’t drink Tudei. Kapua Kava Bar only serves the finest Noble Root Kava.

Why is Tongan Lateral Root Kava Special?

This rare Tongan Lateral Root Kava is grown in volcanic soil on Tupou VI’s personal estate, thus giving the kava a smooth, accessible taste and a high kavalactone content. With a kavalactone content of 12%, this rare cultivar of Tongan Lateral Root Kava is sure to provide the relaxing, mood-enhancing effects you have come to know and love. Marked with a Royal Seal and coming with a Royal Warranty, the ultra-rare Tongan Lateral Root Kava we’ve sourced is one you won’t want to miss.

Perfect for social gatherings or some relaxing alone time, Tongan Lateral Root Kava is a great way to unwind after a long week. A unique aspect of kava is its ability to bring people together, as in Tonga it is used in gatherings called faikava. During a faikava, friends and family come together to bask in the relaxing and mentally stimulating effects of the sacred kava root. Come on down to our Fort Myers location to enjoy our fun, relaxing atmosphere while conversing with like-minded Kava-lovers such as yourself.

Why Kapua Kava?

If you’re looking for the highest quality kava in Florida, Kapua Kava in Fort Myers is the place to be. At Kapua Kava, we stock a variety of the finest kava cultivars available, including the extraordinary Tongan Lateral Root. When you walk through our doors you’ll feel your stress melt away as you’re met with a relaxing, fun atmosphere and delicious kava.

Unlike most kava bars, we source only the best ingredients from verified suppliers so you can enjoy the purest kava experience possible. Sourcing all of our kava from local suppliers throughout Tonga means we can help local Tongan farmers while also serving up the absolute best kava in the world.

At Kapua Kava Bar, we supply the good times you’ll remember. Come experience this revolutionary new way to kick back and relax, visit us today at 12951 Metro Parkway Suite 15 in Fort Myers.

Kapua Kava’s Ultimate Guide to Kava Varieties

Kava Varieties at Kapua Kava Bar

Are you looking for a fun, new way to relax and socialize in Fort Myers? If so, chances are you would love a refreshing Kava Kava here at Kapua Kava Bar. Wondering what kava is? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a brief history of kava, its benefits, and the three main varieties of kava — just keep reading!

A native plant to the South Pacific, kava has been used by humans for hundreds of years. It is a leafy, green plant whose roots provide sedative and relaxing effects when ingested. From the moment humans began to harvest and ingest kava, it has always been an experience that is meant to be shared with others. That is why we offer a friendly environment and relaxed atmosphere here at Kapua Kava bar so you can enjoy one of nature’s finest experiences with like-minded people.

There are three varieties of kava root and this ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about this revolutionary drink. If you’re ready to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself, come join us at the Kapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers.

Noble Root

One of the most sought-after and coveted varieties of kava, “Noble” Kava is only harvested from roots that are at least five years old. Not only does Noble Kava have a minimum age for harvesting, but the Vanuatu government also regulates who can cultivate and export the product via the Kava Act of 2002.

While these restrictions may seem prohibitive, it ensures that all Noble Kava is of the highest quality and standards. Before the Vanuatu government enacted restrictions, unregulated kava known as Tudei Kava was being exported despite being known for its plethora of negative side effects. Because of this strict quality control, Noble Kava has earned a reputation for being one of the most effective and quality types of kava.

At Kapua Kava Bar we only use the finest Noble Kava available so your experience is always top-notch. We also serve other varieties of kava such as Lateral Root Kava and Basal Root Kava, as well as kratom and other refreshments. Come experience the relaxing benefits of Noble Kava in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere here at Kapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers — you can find us at 12951 Metro Parkway Suite 15.

Lateral Root

Derived from the long roots of the kava plant, Lateral Root Kava is only makes up about 20% of a mature kava plant. Known as “Waka” in Sothern Pacific culture, Lateral Kava produces more kavalactones (the active ingredient in kava). This, in turn, allows for a more noticeable mental effect and extreme relaxation.

Typically you will find most kava bars serve products that contain Lateral Kava as opposed to pure Noble Kava. However, Lateral Kava can be blended with the next variety of kava we’ll talk about — Basal Root Kava. This combination allows you to experience the full effects of both the Basal and Lateral Kava root, delivering some of the most desirable effects of the plant.

If you’re looking to try 100% pure Lateral Kava, you won’t find any better place than right here at Kapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers. We use 100% Vanuatu Lateral Root Kava in our products, so if you’re looking for some good times you’ll remember, stop by and give us a try!

Basal Root

Known in Fiji as “Lewana”, Basal Root Kava is a thicker, fleshy part of the kava plant that is closest to the stem. Due to the increase in thickness, Basal Root Kava is sometimes referred to as “Chips” amongst kava-fanatics.

Lower in kavalactones, Basal Kava produces a more physically relaxing effect that is typically described as a “body” effect. Basal Kava isn’t typically served in kava bars, however, when it is used, it is usually combined with Lateral Kava. Blending both Basal and Lateral Kava together results in a unique flavor profile as well as a fully encompassing effect on both mind and body.

At Kapua Kava Bar, we have our own Kapua House Blend that is a perfect combination of Basal and Lateral Kava. If you want to experience the fully encompassing effects of kava, our Kapua House Blend is sure to give you what you need.

Why Kapua Kava?

Now that you know everything about the three varietals of the Kava plant, you’re probably wondering “why Kapua Kava?” The simple answer is — we’re the best! At Kapua Kava Bar we serve all three varieties of 100% pure Vanuatu Kava root in some of the best drinks you’ll ever taste.

Not only do we serve Fort Myers’ tastiest Kava products, but we also have one of the best atmospheres an adult can ask for. If you’re looking for a new way to unwind that is both fun and tasty, then we’re the spot for you.

Come find out what all the hype is about, Kapua Kava Bar is open seven days a week so you’re always able to relax — we look forward to seeing you!

No Plans for July 4th? Come Celebrate with Us!

Are you looking for something fresh and exciting to do this July 4th? Then come on down to the Kapua Kava Bar for our Red, White & Bula Anniversary Celebration. It’s our 5th anniversary here at the Kapua Kava Bar and since it’s July 4th weekend, we want to celebrate it with a bang.

We’ll be kicking off the summer with a birthday bash for the good ol’ U. S. of A. with Happy Hour drink specials, complimentary food and tons of fun. Like any good July 4th celebration, we’ll be grilling burgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob while you enjoy some Corn Hole and Chuck it Axes — we even have Vegan Burgers too!

Come celebrate the birth of our nation and create some good times you’ll remember at our Red, White & Bula Anniversary Celebration this July 4th from 4-8 p.m. You can find us at 12951 Metro Parkway Suite 15 in Fort Myers, we’ll see you on the Fourth!

Kapua Kava Bar Gift Cards

Tis the Season to Share the Bula! A Kapua Kava Bar gift card is the ideal gift for your loved one or bestie who loves the kava bar lifestyle, and what better place than Southwest Florida’s first and most authentic kava bar.

Your kava-tender can help you choose between a digital or hard copy gift certificate to leave under the tree. Our gift cards can be made for any dollar amount and can be redeemed for anything purchased at Kapua Kava Bar.


Kava, Anxiety and PTSD

Kava, also called “kava-kava,” is an herbal substance that comes from the root of Piper methysticum – a plant native to the western Pacific Islands. The name kava comes from the Polynesian word “awa” and literally means “intoxicating pepper.” The substance has been used by native islanders for centuries as both a medicinal treatment and a part of religious ceremonies due to its sedative, euphoriant, and psychotropic properties. Typically consumed as a beverage, kava is considered to be non-alcoholic but psychoactive. As people have become increasingly interested in the concept of natural and herbal remedies to treat various diseases and ailments in today’s society, kava bars have become more popular and well-known. Especially in South West Florida since the opening of Kapua Kava Bar in 2017.

The main use of kava is to help with anxiety. In fact, kava has become an increasingly popular natural alternative to benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Ativan. Despite the therapeutic effects of prescription “benzos,” the drugs have the potential to cause a lot of negative side effects that people don’t want to experience. Taking benzodiazepines can leave people feeling tired, weak, confused, and nauseous. The drugs can also cause debilitating mood and psychological side effects, including depression, irritability, and hostility. Research on the usefulness of kava has shown that it is possibly effective at helping with the symptoms of anxiety and anxiety disorder, and this is believed to be because of the similar way that it affects the brain as anti-anxiety drugs.

People that regularly consume kava say that the herb induces a calming sensation similar to alcohol and benzodiazepines; however, unlike that of alcohol, they are able to remain “clear-headed” while using kava. Most people experience a kind of euphoria when drinking kava and increased levels of relaxation. Kava essentially acts as a central nervous system depressant as it impacts the receptors of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and stimulates dopamine in the brain.

Many of these effects also lend themselves to sociability. Kava can be a very social drink and kava bars provide a safe social outlet for many people who prefer to avoid the traditional “Booze Bar” scene. Kava bars like Kapua are generally warm, down to earth and welcoming to all walks of life. For people suffering from the effects of anxiety and PTSD, kava and the calming atmosphere of the kava bar can be the perfect space to unwind, socialize and relax.

Many kava strains produce a relaxing effect in the body that can be effective for chronic pain. Kava has been used in the Pacific Islands as a traditional analgesic for thousands of years. Kava has been shown to relieve muscle spasms and soreness, making it a potential replacement for muscle relaxants. Many military veterans and athletes have found kava to be a much safer alternative to the pharmaceuticals often prescribed by doctors.

Introducing the SIREN

Introducing the newest masterpiece to our canon of kava elixirs; The Siren! According to the legend of Odysseus, the Sirens resided on a small island and would sing whenever ships sailed near. So beautiful and captivating was their song that the sailors who heard it were drawn toward the jagged rocks surrounding the island where they met their demise. Ours is not so treacherous.

What makes the Siren so special? It’s a careful blend of Kava, Fresh Coconut Creme, Tropical Juices and Malaysian extract will entice you to the shore again and again, On the rocks or straight up you’ll certainly feel it.
The next time you visit Kapua Kava Bar in Fort Myers, be sure to tell your kava tender, I Need a Siren! You will not be disappointed.


Four Years of Love and Appreciation

Where does the time go? July 2021 marks the four year Anniversary of Kapua Kava Bar. We have a ton of great surprises and specials planned for the month and can’t wait to reveal them all so stay tuned to our social media pages for the coming details.

In some ways it feels like just yesterday that Kapua Kava Bar became a reality and in others it feels like it has always been here. Like any other business these past four years have had plenty of challenges, but perseverance, hard work, a great staff and our wonderful Kapua family of guests has made it all worth while.

When we designed Kapua Kava Bar we decided that we would only serve the highest quality kava and kratom teas. So many of our guests have told us over the years that we truly have the best teas in SW Florida. Many people  don’t realize that we spent almost an entire year leading up to opening testing and trying different products, recipes and processes to get it just right. By “Just Right” we mean something we would want to drink and enjoy ourselves. Rhonda worked on the kava and I (Rob) tackled the kratom teas.

Sourcing these products presents it’s own challenge. Finding reliable vendors who could consistently deliver the highest quality root and leaves was a very difficult task. Sometimes it is hard to remember that both Kava and Kratom come from very remote places with little or no infrastructure. These aren’t products that are always readily available and can easily vary in quality and consistency.

Once we found the right mix of source and recipe we kept both closely guarded. That’s not to say there have been many who have tried and in some cases succeeded to gaining access to our sources and recipes. For anyone who has put in the thousands of hours it takes to start and maintain a successful business, they can understand how important it is to protect what you have created. We have and will continue to closely guard our beloved Kapua Kava Bar under any and all circumstances. We not only do it for ourselves, we also do it for our guests. We all deserve to have a singular unique place to enjoy our favorite herbal beverages.

So four years has come and gone and we are looking forward to everything the future may bring, including the challenges that strengthen our resolve to provide the best possible teas anyone has ever had. We are excited to mark our four year anniversary with a Full Blown BULA-Bration  throughout the month of July 2021 and we hope to see all of our Kapua family along with many “New Faces” to help us ring it in in true Kapua style.

We thank you all for for your continued support and we look forward to having you with us along this incredible journey.

Rob & Rhonda Fontano


Phase 1 Opening Kapua Kava Bar

As we move into Full phase one in Florida, (I don’t recall being told we were in half phase 1, but government whatever) Restaurants are now allowed to open to 50% capacity, but still must maintain 6 feet between customers. This means we are still not able to open bar seating, but we have re-arranged the room to easily accommodate everyone with ample distance between them.

We ask that all of our guests show the courtesy of allowing 6 feet of space between them and other guests so that everyone can feel safe and enjoy the space together.

We have also upgraded our outdoor seating with large sunbrellas.  We are asking that our outside tables be used by paying Kapua guests only as per our 1 drink minimum policy. We can not have unnecessary loitering, our staff has authority to ask anyone not abiding to leave.

We are checking all employee temperatures each day prior  to starting their shift.  So far everyone has tested well below the 100.4 standard of concern.

We have also brought back our entire menu of delicious drinks and treats for you all to enjoy.  Our hours have expanded and will continue to do so as regulations and customer confidence dictates.
(Full) Phase One Hours 

Monday – Sunday
Noon – 8:00 p.m.


COVID-19 Kapua Operating Information 4-2-20

Kapua Kava Bar is working extremely hard to adapt to the ever changing public policies surrounding Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staff and customers, while conducting business in the most efficient manner possible.

As of March 2, 2020 Kapua Kava Bar will be in compliance with Governor Desantis most recent executive order regarding restaurant operations for as long as the “Safer at Home” order stays in effect.

Kapua Kava Bar will be providing Carry-Out Service of most menu items. We are encouraging our customers to take advantage of the convenience and savings of our 32oz. growlers.

We are limiting ONE customer at a time inside of the bar. We ask that all others wait outside out front or in their cars and give a minimum of SIX FEET of distance between people. As most of you know each other, please help us maintain order while waiting and keep things moving in an orderly fashion.

Inside the store we ask that you place your order from the signage “ORDER FROM HERE”  and only approach the bar after your order is completed and the bartender calls you over. Please be sure to “Check In” to the Clover App while waiting or prior to entering. Once the bartender calls you over please have your card or cash ready. Insert your card into the pin pad or your cash onto the tray.  

We want to be able to service as many of our guests as possible while limiting the trips they make to Kapua. We feel that limiting the hours will help consolidate your trips and limit travel during this time where we are being strongly encouraged to “Stay at Home”.

We know that this is hard for everyone and quite frankly we are making it up as we go along due to the lack of clear guidance from our State and Local Officials. Please bear with us as we adapt to the current and inevitable future changes. We are here to serve you and we feel very strongly that as long as Alcohol and Liquor Stores are deemed “Essential” that Kava and Kratom are also Essential.

As we have decided to close Cirrus Smoke Shop during this period we will be transferring a lot of our Kratom and CBD inventory over to Kapua. This will make it possible for our regular customers to maintain a semblance of normalcy and the ability to get the supplies they need.

Our hours of operation are currently (Subject to Change) :

Monday – Saturday (Closed Sunday)
Noon – 5:00 P.M.
Phase One 4-40-20
NEW HOURS Noon – 8:00 PM Mon. – Sun

“Where Local Music Comes to Play”

Kapua Kava Bar is just over a year old and has throughout its young life been a labor of love. Our vision was to give South West Florida their first very own Kava Bar and in doing so create a warm, communal space where all walks of life could enjoy solitude, companionship and fun without the hindrances of the stress and drama of daily life or the usual toxic bar scene. We are proud to say that we feel that we have been successful on all of those fronts.

Our original vision also included music. Not your run of the mill basic bar band music, but a place where exciting new artists could emerge and explore their creativity in a fun and friendly environment. This next phase of our evolution is currently underway and is being warmly embraced by the local music community.

First, we decided to take the old, stale open mic and breathe new life into the concept by taking a more “organic”  approach to the types of performers we wanted to see and hear. This is now known at Kapua Kava Bar as our “Home Grown” Artist Showcase. Each Home Grown Showcase starts out by featuring a unique artist, performance style, genre  or specific group of artists and opens up into an open mic / jam for all who wish to perform whatever material they want afterward.  We have featured song writers from “Hope by Song”, Local female artists, Duos, poets and Hip Hop. All of these artists bring their own original music and performance to our stage for all to enjoy.

Announcing the Kapua “Roots” Showcase. This next phase was to provide a stage for original artists and an opportunity for a more in-depth showcase of their music while giving the audience a great variety of different genres and styles. We wanted to have three different acts fill an evening by performing one set each filled primarily with original music, but with the freedom to add their own style to covers. This will be a monthly show, the first Kapua “Roots” Showcase will be on September 15th 2018 and feature local artists; Markie Dyann, Katie & Kyle and Ultrasuede featuring brothers Steve and Michael Mangione.

Kapua Kava Bar has also begun booking top rated local talent for full gigs. These artists will also be playing original music as well as covering the songs we all know and love. Look for acts like “Acoustic Soul” and Kyle Anne Duggan coming up on the Kapua stage soon.

We want to personally thank everyone who has been so supportive of the musicians and performers we have brought to our stage. We are committed to not only honoring the roots of our home grown original artists, but to providing exceptional entertainment for our guests. If you would like to learn more about performing at Kapua Kava Bar, please direct message us on Facebook or email us at Info@KapuaKavaBar.com

For more information on our upcoming events please visit our Events page or join us on Facebook for up date information about the shows and artists you care about.