“Where Local Music Comes to Play”

Kapua Kava Bar is just over a year old and has throughout its young life been a labor of love. Our vision was to give South West Florida their first very own Kava Bar and in doing so create a warm, communal space where all walks of life could enjoy solitude, companionship and fun without the hindrances of the stress and drama of daily life or the usual toxic bar scene. We are proud to say that we feel that we have been successful on all of those fronts.

Our original vision also included music. Not your run of the mill basic bar band music, but a place where exciting new artists could emerge and explore their creativity in a fun and friendly environment. This next phase of our evolution is currently underway and is being warmly embraced by the local music community.

First, we decided to take the old, stale open mic and breathe new life into the concept by taking a more “organic”  approach to the types of performers we wanted to see and hear. This is now known at Kapua Kava Bar as our “Home Grown” Artist Showcase. Each Home Grown Showcase starts out by featuring a unique artist, performance style, genre  or specific group of artists and opens up into an open mic / jam for all who wish to perform whatever material they want afterward.  We have featured song writers from “Hope by Song”, Local female artists, Duos, poets and Hip Hop. All of these artists bring their own original music and performance to our stage for all to enjoy.

Announcing the Kapua “Roots” Showcase. This next phase was to provide a stage for original artists and an opportunity for a more in-depth showcase of their music while giving the audience a great variety of different genres and styles. We wanted to have three different acts fill an evening by performing one set each filled primarily with original music, but with the freedom to add their own style to covers. This will be a monthly show, the first Kapua “Roots” Showcase will be on September 15th 2018 and feature local artists; Markie Dyann, Katie & Kyle and Ultrasuede featuring brothers Steve and Michael Mangione.

Kapua Kava Bar has also begun booking top rated local talent for full gigs. These artists will also be playing original music as well as covering the songs we all know and love. Look for acts like “Acoustic Soul” and Kyle Anne Duggan coming up on the Kapua stage soon.

We want to personally thank everyone who has been so supportive of the musicians and performers we have brought to our stage. We are committed to not only honoring the roots of our home grown original artists, but to providing exceptional entertainment for our guests. If you would like to learn more about performing at Kapua Kava Bar, please direct message us on Facebook or email us at Info@KapuaKavaBar.com

For more information on our upcoming events please visit our Events page or join us on Facebook for up date information about the shows and artists you care about.

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  1. Finally…
    I have been looking for a place like this in Fort Myers for 5 years!!
    Thank you for having the courage to open this alternative venue!

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